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Taking care of your body, mind and spirit is what YOGA is all about, a recommended path to take leave of the chaos and frenzy of daily life.

Open hatha yoga class at Leonardo Trulli Resort, a practice of Asanas (physical, dynamic and static postures) to become aware of the physical body and one's breath in movement. A practice that pays attention to alignments and posture even in dynamic practice (flow of movement). Attention to detail and awareness of the body and breath concluding with yoga nidra relaxation to retreat the senses and release tension. The hatha yoga practice is open to all, with simple sequences and muscle awakening.

Get back in contact with yourself, connect with nature and time.

Yoga practice, its valuable teachings and principles help you regain control of your body, mind and spirit.

Each of us is a radiant soul, worthy of finding happiness and peace and harmony in this life. Yet we often forget all the gifts, talents and inner qualities we have, busy by necessity filling space with activities, work, relationships in short we are outwardly oriented, most of the time our awareness is extroverted.

Yoga is meditation and sharing, a journey to discover the highest potential of our Self and joy as a natural condition of our being.

Embrace the harmony within you

Thanks to the science of Yoga, the soul achieves absolute mastery over body and mind, and uses these tools to achieve Self-realisation, that is, the awareness of one's transcendent and immortal nature, one with Spirit. - Paramhansa Yogananda"