We love to design a journey to taste the experience. It means short breaks during the week or long off-season pauses.

The world is not changing! It is already changed!

We take the change as an oppurtunity to continue our growth path and to design a vacation experience ever more customized, focused on the guest and on hospitality. It is like choosing your own menù: seasonal, balanced, respectuful of everybody’s pace.

Surely, you have already heard talking about slow turism, staycation, undertourism: but what does all of this mean? It means to plan a journey and to taste the experience. It means short breaks during the week or long off-season pauses.

turismo attivo in puglia

We just want to satisfy your tastes and desires.

To be in the fresh air in order to live a deep contact with nature is a priority aim. So, we will give an adequate space to runners, walkers, cyclists.

We, of Leonardo Trulli Resort, are ready to warmly welcome the guests, to take them by the hand and to accompany them through the journey, listening to their dreams and caddling their souls. With our hearty smiles we will open the doors of the unique trulli. All around, the grass smell of our green hills and, very near, the sea smell, of the Ionian Sea or of the Adriatic Sea.

turismo culinario in puglia

Like every year, we have made some mottos words.

“Bicycle Touring”

Services for cyclists, e-bikes and muscolar bikes rental, guided tours with a mechanic. All of this in collaboration with Cicloposse-BikeTours, leader in the field; masseur, shuttle, reinforced breakfast and laundry.

“Sports Tourism¬”

For those who like to walk in the woods, along the paths of Ciclovia, Via Ellenica or Via dei Due Mari.

“Culinary Tourism”

With cooking classes, with recipes of Apulian tradition and with tasting of wines, olive oil, cold cuts, cheese.

“Naturalistic Tourism”

As algorithm of sustainability, of biodiversity. For those who are in search of their own self, among yoga, vegetarian or vegan flavors and relaxing horse rides.

turismo naturalistico in puglia

All of these prospects can be summed up in just two words: “Active Tourism.”

Nowadays real luxury is characterized by slow pace, by intimacy and privacy in wide spaces and by high quality service. To wake up in the morning in an absolute quiet, to get out of the trullo accompanied by the cockcrow, to walk through the private garden full of colours and smells that caress the senses, to walk on the path of aromatic herbs which brings to the breakfast room and to step down there where fresh delices are ready to be tasted by eyes and palates… we will wait for you with our generous humanity. This is the start of the day at Leonardo Trulli Resort.

Cicloturismo a Leonardo Trulli Resort | Valle d'Itria, Puglia

You choose the kind of journey you want live!

We will wait for you “at Home” among Trulli!

-Rosalba Cardone

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